UNSW Researchers given “Easy Access” to NSW Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program

A technology which simplifies blood collection for medical diagnosis and a technology which affords better sound perception for Cochlear implant users were recently licensed to UNSW researchers participating in the NSW Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program (MDCTP) currently being run by ATP Innovations, the “world’s best technology incubator”.

Two UNSW researchers, Dr Damian Conway and Dr Rylie Green who were accepted into the program have been granted “Easy Access IP” licenses which allow them to commercially develop technologies they have developed through research at UNSW.

Dr Damian Conway from the Kirby Institute was accepted into the program to develop a rapid “point of care” diagnostic tool developed during Dr Conway’s PhD. The single use diagnostic tool replaces existing diagnostic technologies which involve multiple lancet punctures which are stressful and time consuming for both patient and clinician.
Dr Rylie Green from the UNSW Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering was accepted into the program to develop new surface coatings for biomedical electrodes. Dr Green’s hydrogel surface coating reduces scarring of the tissue which surrounds the electrode of implanted medical devices and can also be used as a controlled release agent for drug delivery.

The NSW Medical Device Commercialisation Training program is a unique career development opportunity focusing on medical device development and commercialisation. The program fulfils a commitment to build medical device commercialisation capacity in NSW. It contributes to the discovery and application of new treatments and diagnostic techniques to improve patient outcomes. The Training Program is a three month intensive training program delivered by ATP Innovations, who was recently awarded the title of ”World’s best technology incubator” – by the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA). ATP Innovations has proven track record in driving the commercialisation of medical devices.


Easy Access IP is an open opportunity licensing model adopted by an international collective of leading Universities and Research Institutions who believe in creating impact from research outcomes via knowledge exchange. Please visit the NewSouth Innovations Website for more information on technology opportunities available to license for free via Easy Access IP.