Apply for Ignition Labs and increase your chances of winning the Global Green Challenge

Successful Ignition Labs companies are well placed to win up to $EU500,000 in the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, an international competition that drew 717 entries from 81 countries in 2011.  The winner of the event in 2011 was Australian, Nick Christy, who won with a Water Recycling Shower.  A product that would have been a perfect fit for the Ignition Labs accelerator program.  Nick went on to raise a further $1M on the back of this competition.

Previous judges on the panel have included Sir Richard Branson, William McDonough, the Chief Operating Officer of the Climate Group, The head of sustainability for IKEA, the head of the Dutch Lottery, the head of the Dutch Green Party, a director of the Rocky Mountain Institute and a Partner of Patient Capital Partners.

On May 1st 2012, the doors opened to this international annual competition for social entrepreneurs with CO2 reducing business plans.  Entrepreneurs can enter their business plans for sustainable, creative and innovative products and services on the Green Challenge website until the 31st of July. The best business plan will win $EU500,000, and an additional $EU200,000 is available for one or two other promising plans.

The competition calls on creative, innovative thinkers from around the world to submit business plans for sustainable products and services. Entries should directly reduce CO2 emissions, score highly on design, user-friendliness and quality, and ready to be in the market in two years.

The 2012 jury, chaired by Femke Rotteveel, will read all complete entries from by August 22nd.  On August 30th, the 5 – 8 finalists will be announced.

Apply to Ignition Labs now and get access to financial and social capital, experienced mentors, a driven development program and access to investors.  Give your business the best shot at global success and then show the world what you can achieve by entering the Green Challenge.