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The Startup Accelerator Trend Is Finally Slowing Down

TechCrunch – Mark Lennon Starting a company has never been easy. Not having to worry about market research and resources can be the difference between getting off the ground and moving back in with your parents. This might explain the record number of startup accelerators and incubators in 2013. According to our projections, there will […]

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Ideas don’t fail, teams do: Startmate’s founder on what they’ve learned from a 50% failure rate

By Rose Powell – StartupSmart Most start-ups fail, even those carefully selected and backed with cash and mentors to have the best shot at success.   With more than half of the Startmate accelerator program start-ups failing,StartupSmart spoke to the program co-founder and serial entrepreneur Niki Scevak about why it’s rarely the idea that’s the make-or-break factor.   […]

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